Now Is Christ Risen!

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Meet Abner, Dinah, and Hezbah-each of them are captives in a Roman jail. Listen to them discuss their lives of crime and the hopelessness it has brought. However, everything changes when Paul & Silas are put in the jail. Despite their recent beatings, Paul and Silas speak and sing of the joy that can only be found through Jesus Christ. Experience the earthquake, the prison bars and chains disintegrating, and the huge door miraculously opening on its own! Once the jailer realizes that the prisoners are all there, his heart is opened to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
This program has eleven songs, including ten songs for the choir and one song for choir or duet. One song features a duet as well as the choir. This musical is written for a four-part SATB choir. It has six speaking parts with some optional parts for extra “prisoners.” It can be done as a full-length drama or adapted for readers’ theater. The program is approximately fifty minutes in length.

Category: Vocal
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Christianson, Glenn & Jan
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Small Group
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30-60 Sec Sample
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