Terms and Conditions

You, the “Buyer,” have agreed to the following:

1. You acknowledge that there is a “no return” policy on all music pdf files purchased at SacredSheetMusic.com.

2. You accept the additional, one-time Order Fee charge of $.89 (89 cents) per order for SacredSheetMusic.com to prepare your order at our website and deliver your download.

3. You will not print or duplicate more copies of the pdf music you have purchased other than the number of copies allowed on the print license “stamped” onto your music pdf file.

 This includes not printing an extra copy of your music pdf file simply to make an accompanist copy. All of these scenarios constitute copyright infringement against the copyright owner listed on the bottom of your first page of music and is punishable by law.

4. You acknowledge that a CCLI license does not apply to any of the music purchased at SacredSheetMusic.com unless a vendor specifically states that it does for their own selections.

5. You understand that if you need additional copies of the same music you must return to SacredSheetMusic.com and purchase those additional copies. If a new order is identical to a previous order as far as the selection and the buyer, SacredSheetMusic.com retains a history of your purchase and automatically updates your print license to include all copies purchased over time. This should be especially helpful for music competition purposes.

6. If applicable, you will encourage others (such as your students or your student’s parents) to purchase and own their own copy of music from SacredSheetMusic.com.

7. You will not attempt to change or “hack” your music pdf file in any way.

8. After thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, you acknowledge that you will need to purchase a new copy of your music pdf file if that digital file becomes lost or damaged.

If you cannot agree to all of the above statements, you cannot order music from SacredSheetMusic.com.
If you have further questions, please use our Contact Us form here at the website.

SacredSheetMusic.com, the “Seller,” has agreed to the following:

1. If your music pdf file becomes lost or damaged within thirty (30) days of purchase, SacredSheetMusic.com will replace your file free of charge through a download window that lasts thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

2. "Your printed music never wears out and never gets lost." SacredSheetMusic.com gives the original purchaser lifetime permission to destroy their purchased, printed music and reprint a fresh copy from the originally purchased pdf file if the music ever becomes worn or unusable. This also applies if the printed music becomes legitimately lost. In that case replacement copies may be printed within the limits of your original print license stamped on the purchased pdf file. If the lost copies are then found, they should be destroyed immediately. If the original pdf file is lost this permission does not apply.

3. SacredSheetMusic.com will not give out or distribute any of your personal information, including name, address, phone number and email address to any other person or organization for any reason under any circumstance.