All The Way Medley

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An accompanied clarinet duet which begins with a melodic motif and then presents the hymn tune in unison by the two parts. The chorus then breaks into a duet harmonization in a straight forward manner. The next section presents the first part in a melodically altered rendition with the second part answering in an obbligato like fashion. The middle section is a Q&A form with the piano dropping out, followed by a piano solo section. A modulation now gives rise to the second part acting as a solo, followed by another modulation where the first takes over as a soloist. Then another modulation where the two parts present the chorus in a straight duet section., where it remains until the end.

Category: Woodwind
Primary Composer or Arranger:
Budahl, Monty J.
Company / Vendor Name:
Bb Clarinet
Range / Level
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30-60 Sec Sample
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