Good Shepherd Medley

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Traditional string quartet with opt. violin part for viola. The introduction begins in a somewhat solemn nature, building in tension and then in repose where it introduces the hymn “Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us.” The texture is in a traditional harmonization with the tune in the first violin where it gives over to the cello on the chorus with gentle punctuations in the upper voices. An imitative motif serves as a transition progresses leading into “He Leadeth Me” with the tune in the cello. The violin takes over with a modified tune and then in a fughetta-like series of entrances leads into a modulation where the cello expresses the tune with the upper voices accompanying with moving rhythms. The tune of “All The Way My Savior Leads Me” is presented by the viola with a violin obbligato overhead leading into a full ensemble with rich and moving harmonies. A change of meters gives way to a change of counterpoint and “God Leads Us Along.” Here, it moves amongst the various parts and gives way to sweet release.

Category: Strings
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Everson, Dana F.
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Mixed Group
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