Hymn To Joy

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Four Plus Brass Series- for two Trumpets and two Trombones (with opt. Horn and Tuba for color). The introduction begins with an infectious motif which pictures a regal procession. The following section continues in the same flavor with new stately material, with a modulation the ensemble presents an intermission. Then the piece goes back to the material of the beginning. The next section becomes more harmonically diverse and builds more tension leading to a modulation where the song’s theme is presented in the trombones, then the trumpets. Coming to the Coda section an optional organ (and even congregation) gives a stately rendition of the famous “Hymn To Joy.”

Category: Brass
Primary Composer or Arranger:
Smith, Douglas
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Mixed Group
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Optional Vendor Catalog Number: 145418
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30-60 Sec Sample
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