It Is Well

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Brass choir scored for four trumpets (opt horn) two trombones, baritone BC/TC and tuba. This entire piece is one of serenity, gentleness and great affect. The introduction is in the lower voices producing a rich sound and sense of expectation. The trumpets add in on the melody with long lines of expression, and then the lower voices offer a response in like manner. The next section increases in movement and dynamic until it modulates to a new key center. The phrases now alternate between the low voices in an almost antiphonal fashion. Another modulation elevates the urgency of the piece and the trumpets carry the entire load throughout this section. The rest of the instruments then bolster the ensemble giving increased strength. The pieces quiets and becomes reflective and then settles with an "all is well."

Category: Brass
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Everson, Dana F.
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Mixed Group
Large Group
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