Jesus Shall Reign

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For full brass choir and timpani. The piece begins in a fanfare fashion in the trumpets, echoed back by the lower brass. The theme is presented in the trumpets and horns while the accompaniment is punctuated in the trombones. Then the full choir is presented in a choral fashion. The tune is now in the horns while the trumpets and lower brass and timpani make vigorous intejections. The second section sees an interplay between the various timbres of brass. A modulation takes place and the lower brass present the tune while the trumpets and horns add flourishes. Shortly thereafter the roles are reversed. One final set of fanfares and the piece ends on a high note and active lower brass.

Category: Brass
Primary Composer or Arranger:
Everson, Dana F.
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Mixed Group
Large Group
Range / Level
Moderate Adv.
Optional Vendor Catalog Number: 145920
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30-60 Sec Sample
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