Old Rugged Cross

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The introduction of this brass sextet (3 Trp., 3 Trom.) begins with strong choral movement and then settles into repose. The first presentation of the tune is in the trombones with a subtle counterline in the trumpets which then opens up to a stronger movement with the melody in the trumpet. The tune then reverts back to the trombones and then transitions to a move active support pattern in the trombones with a solo in the second trumpet. The final section gives way to a powerful presentation of the tune and immediately settles into a sensitive climate, much like the beginning. After a DC the piece ends with the strong motifs of the introduction giving a sense of finality. (Opt Horn for 1st Trom.)

Category: Brass
Primary Composer or Arranger:
Doran, Tim
Company / Vendor Name:
Mixed Group
Range / Level
Moderate Adv.
Optional Vendor Catalog Number: SA3611
Music Preview
30-60 Sec Sample
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