O Little Town of Bethlehem

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A four part instrumental arrangement using both the St. Louis and Forest Green tunes. This includes the full score in concert pitch and separate instrumental parts. Each part is included in several keys so that many different combinations of instruments can be used. Part I is set for B-flat, C, C 8va, and E-flat instruments. Part II is set for B-flat, C, C 8va, E-flat, and F instruments. Part III is set for B-flat, C alto, C bass, E-flat, and F instruments. Part IV is set for B-flat, C bass and E-flat instuments. Purchaser has the right to duplicate the individual parts as needed. The full score and all parts are included in Lessons & Carols for Christmas by the same arranger.

Category: Ensemble
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Habegger, Christa G
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Other Instrument
Small Group
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Moderate Easy
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30-60 Sec Sample
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