His Grace Is Enough

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God's grace is amazing--He gives us everything we need through His grace!

Verse 1
In tenderness He came to rescue me from sin;
He didn't overlook it but cleansed me from within.
Now I will praise His name, I sing a brand new song;
For Jesus showed me mercy and loved me all along.

His grace is enough, what wondrous words to believe!
His grace is enough, 'tis all for me to receive.
I will seek my Savior's face
Knowing there I'll find His grace,
And His grace can heal my soul,
By His grace I am made whole.

Verse 2
To Him I humbly go when I have been astray;
He graciously forgives me and teaches me His way.
Now I will praise His name, I sing a brand new song;
For Jesus shows me mercy and loves me all along.

Verse 3
Our Jesus does not change, His love will never end;
His promises are certain; on him we can depend.
In trouble or in pain, when weakness silences my song,
His strength will be made perfect, and then I am made strong!

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Kent, Amy
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Medium High
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