The Coming of Christ Orchestra score and parts Part B Sections 18-27

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The Coming of Christ is a memorable work done in a classical style. It retells the story of Christmas in light of God’s salvific plan for mankind from creation to the visitation of the magi. Much of the text quotes from scripture, while the rest of the text expresses the feelings and emotions of the characters of the story. The work consists of six soloists: soprano(2), alto, tenor, baritone and bass. The work contains 27 sections. Choral sections are also listed separately at along with several of the solos. Because of space constraints at sacred sheet music orchestration for the entire work is split between Orchestration A (Sections 1-17) and Orchestration B (sections 18-27) available through Audio sampling of the following: New Life; Curse and the Promise; The Passing of Time; The Annunciation; The Song of Elizabeth; Magnificat; Glory to God; And they came…; Visitation of the Wise Men; New Life - Finale.

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Krebs, David M
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Large Group
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