A Man There Is

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Written in a minor key, this song starts with a single melody line in the piano, echoed a octave lower before continuing the melody. I always like to "play" the text. Please re-print in your church's bulletin if they are unfamiliar with the words.

A Man there is, a real Man
Who once on Calvary died;
His blood for guilty sinners ran
from hands and feet and side.

This wondrous Man of whom we tell,
Is true Almighty God;
He bought our souls from death and Hell;
The price His own heart's blood.

Come Then repenting sinner, come;
Approach with humble faith;
Owe what you will, the total sum
Is cancelled by His death!

--Joseph Hart

You can play this song for Good Friday, or Easter Sunday, or simply for a Gospel service.

I discovered this melody by Beethoven in a Welsh hymnal. I arranged it for piano, and loved it so much that I had to add a voice arrangement which you can find at https://sacredsheetmusic.com/music/wickens-carrie/a-man-there-is

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Wickens, Carrie
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