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Hi! We're Glenn & Jan Christianson, and we've been involved in conservative Christian music for most of our lives. We've been in many churches and have worked with evangelists, Bible conference speakers, and other musicians. In addition to our traveling ministry, we've worked with a number of Christian publishing companies and have written and arranged a variety of piano, instrumental, and vocal music.

For years we have helped Christian publishers and individuals in producing their own music. Our services include writing original music, arranging music for any type of group, preparing PDFs for digital downloading, and producing musical soundtracks and recordings. We also assist in all phases of the recording and publishing business including final music typesetting, graphic design, book printing, and CD duplication. Contact us at our email address above for a free sample of our work. Need some prices for a job you're working on? I'd love the opportunity to give you a no-obligation quote. "No job is too small. . .and no job is too big!"

For a complete listing of our services and samples of our work, go to our website.