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Paul Hiscock served as a pastoral staff member and church music director for 30 years. He developed an interest in the lives of dedicated hymn writers, and began to make it his study. Most interesting of all, was the salvation testimony and life story of the writers as manifested in the message of their songs. This interest eventually led to the writing and of several hymn-story programs for choir. With that, Shepherd’s Staff Ministries was born and these programs were published. The included narrative and “singable” arrangements by Glenn Christianson, Faye Lopez, and Paul Hiscock effectively presented a memorable message that deepened the meaning of our gospel hymns. The idea to combine music with Bible preaching, using hymn-story illustrations, began to form and grow into unique presentations with clear Bible preaching and refreshing conservative-type music.

In 2001, Paul and Betty Hiscock, set out to take these unique “musical message” presentations into a full-time traveling ministry known as “Sermon ’n’ Song Ministries.” Since then, they have traveled to many Bible-believing churches in the U.S. and foreign mission fields. Using auditorium visual presentations, their meetings take on the character of an old-fashioned revival meeting, a “Singspiration", a sacred music concert, and a memorable documentary. The Bible messages, congregational singing, special brass, hand chime, and vocal music, along with the visualized hymn-story presentations speak Biblical truth to all ages without compromise.

They can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 317-862-4908.