Alpha and Omega

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Scripture based Anthem extolling God's wonderful name - Alpha and Omega
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Alpha and Omega
By Bryan Powell all rights reserved © 2015

Thou art holy, holy Lord,
Holy in all Thy ways,
Almighty God the Living Word.
Worthy of all our praise.
Alpha O mega.
The beginning and the end the Lord.
Thou art the first and last, and live forever more.
Thou art worthy, Lamb of God.
Lamb for sinners slain.
Thou hast re deemed us by Thy blood;
Kings and Priests to reign.
Thou art worthy, Ancient of Days;
Seated upon Thy throne.
Thine is the glory, blessing and praise.
Thine and thine alone.

Category: Choral
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Powell, Bryan M.
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Large Group
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