Praise the Lamb

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The earthy texture of the opening strains has a Sacred Harp quality which will endear it to your choir and congregation. It's powerful ending will leave them wanting to hear it over and over again. See below for sample Lyrics.
Praise the Lamb
By Bryan Powell all rights reserved © 2011

Oh the depths of loving kindness flowing down from Calvary,
Took away my willful blindness, set my soul at liberty.
Oh the heights of grace and wisdom that revealed salvation's plan.
It invites me to the Kingdom thru the merits of the Lamb.
Let us join the mighty chorus as redeemed in Him we stand.
Jesus rose again victorious, Praise and glorify the Lamb.
Oh the boundaries of His mercy far exceed my deepest need.
Jesus bore the Father's fury now He stands to intercede.
Oh the power of His presence carries me on eagle’s wings,
Leads me onward with a cadence to the throne room of the King.

Category: Choral
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Powell, Bryan M.
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Large Group
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30-60 Sec Sample
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