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Glad Adoration Music Ministries was started officially in the summer of 2015, but its roots go back years before that. As a high school student, David Galvin was simultaneously introduced to composition-arranging and the need for more conservative Christian music here and abroad. Since that time, he's studied Church Music on the undergraduate and graduate levels at Bob Jones University, traveled with the Musical Mission Team three times and seen the needs in Europe, and served as the music director at Beth Eden Baptist Church in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, a position he still holds.

The goal of Glad Adoration is to provide quality music and music services to church musicians and educators across the English-speaking world and Western Europe. Every anthem, solo, ensemble piece, psalm, and hymn is written to the glory of God and the edification of the believer. Every congregational setting has been purposely crafted to be easily and enjoyably sung with a worshipful mind. Every solo has been written or arranged to be used as an effective testimony of God's working in the singer's own heart. Every choral anthem serves as a reminder of God's great love and grace to each one of us, and of our duty to love and serve Him in return.

All of Glad Adoration's choral anthems, solos, and ensemble works are available here on SacredSheetMusic, while all our hymns, on the other hand, are freely downloadable on We hope that both of these categories of music will be used as apt tools for worship in your churches and schools, and perhaps even in your personal time with the Lord.

To Him alone be glory!
Ihm allein sei Ehre!
À lui seul soit la gloire!